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Our Business Cards

If you have one of our business cards (spray bottle), it contains a sample of RPG Water Catalyst Water...


Some of the things you can try with this sample are:

Spray some RPG Water on your skin, the back of your hand for example, and then dry it off with a tissue or towel as quickly as possible, and then feel the difference in your skin.  RPG Water has already hydrated your skin.  

Spray RPG Water on dishes or utensils that have dried egg yolk, or cooked on cheese, for example, and then gently stir with your finger tips and the RPG Water will begin cutting away at these things.  This also works for bugs on windshields.  

Spray RPG Water into you eyes for soothing, refreshing hydration of dry eyes.  

Spray RPG Water on house plants.  Plants love it.  

Spray RPG Water on cuts, scrapes and insect stings for soothing relief.

If your are blessed with purple bruises from blood thinners, spray RPG Water on them two or three times a day and they will go away much faster.

Spray RPG Water on eye glasses and wipe off with a soft cloth for amazing results. 

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