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RPG Water Catalyst has shown the following results when placed in front of RO/Desal systems.

This membrane was plugged at 11 months of age with bacterially produced magnetite crystals. 


When new membranes were replaced in this RO system my filter designed to remove this magnetite from water was installed as a pre-filter to the RO.

This was a 1500 gallon per day system, and for the next five years this system produced over 2100 gallons per day.  


At the end of five years, this RO system was replaced with a larger system.  The membranes were pulled and opened up and there was no indication of staining or any sort of fouling within the membranes.  



Without the limits of the pump and flow control valves on this RO system, indications are it would have been possible to increase  production through this system by 60 to 70 percent and remained within the prescribed pressure settings.

Across the street from this location, I installed another magnetite filter  in front of an RO system that would provide water for a water knife.  The water knife required approximately 50,000 psi to operate properly.  It took several pump changes to get the pressure up to the required level. 

RPG Water Catalyst reduces the maintenance and cleaning schedules, increases production of, and reduces the the TDS of RO/Desal product water.

RPG Water Catalyst water flows faster through restrictions with less pressure.

Some of the claims that we are able to make with the RPG Water Catalyst LSSC are:

  1. RPG Water Catalyst breaks the bonding tension of water.  Water molecules do not stick together after passing through the RPG Water Catalyst.

  2. RPG Water Catalyst can capture and contain particles that are small enough to pass through a reverse osmosis membrane.  These particles are approximately 0.5 nanometer (5 Angstrom) sized particles.  Water molecules are 2.5 to 4 Angstroms.

  3. The LSSC Component (Liquid, Solids, Separation, Containment) allow for these particles to be captured and contained for disposal or refining without the use of flocculants and or coagulants.  The material RPG Water Catalyst removes from water has no additional bulking agents added to it. 

  4. Reverse osmosis systems placed after RPG Water Catalyst have higher production rates, lower energy requirements, reduced flows to the waste stream, and produce water with lower TDS levels, and significantly reduced maintenance and overhead costs.

  5. RPG Water Catalyst breaks up the Carbon Dioxide molecule.  Carbonic acid is not concentrated in the reverse osmosis systems, which does not lower the pH of RO water.

  6. RPG Water Catalyst breaks up the carbonate and bicarbonate ions in water.  

  7. RPG Water is very hydrating.  Tap water takes 8 hours to penetrate plant cells under a microscope, RPG Water takes 8 seconds.  Small scale experiments indicate we can get the same crop production using up to as much as 90% less water.

  8. RPG Water Catalyst water does not scale.  Even though the calcium magnesium components remain in the water, they do not form scale across pressure and heat differentials. 

  9. RPG Water Catalyst has an extremely long life. 

  10. RPG Water Catalyst is considerably more economical to operate than a water softener. 

  11. RPG Water Catalyst is the best iron filter available.  We will go toe to toe with any who want to claim differently.

  12. It can filter significant amounts of elements from water that do not show up on water tests.  Even if these elements are below detectable levels in the water.

  13. RPG Water Catalyst LSSC has concentrating factors of 15,000 to 30,000 plus.

  14. It will filter some of the salt out of water.

  15. RPG Water Catalyst LSSC can separate plankton from seawater so it can be returned to its source prior to desalination.

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