Let us prove what RPG can do with your water problems.  Give us your water problems that no-one else can solve, or that are currently cost prohibitive.
RPG Water Catalyst has the flexibility of multiple configurations to fit your water use needs.
  • Capabilities - Small to Large

  • Consistent flows 1440 minutes per day, 24/7/365.

  • Does not use salt or chemicals.

  • Particle separation to below 50 nanometers.

  • Produces wetter, non-scaling water

  • Onsite demonstration using your water.

  • Before and after demo on your inplace water treatment.

  • Homes.

  • Schools.

  • Motels - Hotels.

  • Nursing homes.

  • Hospitals.

  • Car - Truck Washes RPG Water eats dirt and road grime.

  • Livestock.

  • Irrigation.

  • Green houses.

  • Show animals.

  • Pre-treatment for RO - Desal.

  • Waste water.

  • Environmental cleanup.

The flexibility of design of RPG - LSSC means that it can be built to cover any flow requirement that can be produced by pumps.  By adding as many systems as needed in a filter farm arrangement, all your filtration requirements can be handled.





















By mimicking nature, and observing the movement of water in its natural environment we are able to reproduce some water's most unique and restorative characteristics into a small confined space.  

By combining observable forces in nature into the RPG-LSSC Filtration system we have developed methods in which we break down the bonding qualities of water.  This in turn frees particles down to nanometer sizes to freely move about the water column without restrictions, similar to the way meteorites and other objects move through space.  

This is done without the use of salt, chemicals, flocculants, magnets, or electronics.   

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