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Properties of structured water 

1. It inhibits deposition/incrustation of dissolved substances, the phenomenon is not understood, yet it has useful application in saving boilers and connecting pipes from incrustation and choking.

2.  It has slightly concave meniscus.

3.  It is having low surface tension and greater wetting property.

4.  Its pH is slightly above 7, which enables it to be assimilated in body fluids.

5.  It neutralizes the acidic chlorine effect.

6.  Structured water breaks clumps of water molecules and strengthens hydrogen bondage.

Benefits of structured water in the field of Agriculture

1.  Soil health will improve and become more capable of supporting plant growth.

2.  Soil will become more efficient in the delivery of nutrients to plants.

3.  Plants will become more capable of absorbing nutrients from the soil.

4.  The water holding capacity of soil will increase and after 1-3 months, the water needed for irrigation will gradually reduce (20-50%), it can get economical as well as an environmental benefit.

5.  Crops will turn out healthier and will stay fresher for longer time.

6.  The stems of the flowers and plants will become stronger and thicker; sometimes double the size and strength.

7.  The quality and quantity of crops will dramatically increase.

8.  Leaves and flowers will grow in more vibrant colors and trees will respond very well to structured water by growing faster and stronger.

Structured water exhibits antioxidant properties and appears to exhibit the same properties as an antioxidant, since no antioxidant components were added in the water.

Structured water has been found to increase crop yield e.g. winter wheat (28%), corn (17%), cucumber (32%), and tomato (32%).  It increases milk production and fertility in cattle, meat and egg production in poultry.  

Citation: Dubey P.K., et al., (2018) Structured Water: An Exciting New Field in Water Science. International Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Volume 10, Issue 11, pp - 6346-6347.

By mimicking nature, and observing the movement of water in its natural environment, we are able to reproduce some of water's most unique and restorative characteristics in a small confined space.

By combining observable forces in nature into the RPG Water Catalyst Filtration System we have developed methods in which we break down the bonding tensions of water.  This in turn frees particles down to nanometer sizes to freely move about the water column without restrictions, similar to the way dust, meteorites and other objects move through space. This is done without the use of salt, chemicals, flocculants, magnets, or electronics.



















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Beets grown in Nevada using RPG Water

Tomatoes grown in Texas using RPG Water 

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