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These water samples were pulled during a filter run on the Leon River just below Proctor Lake Dam.  The average daytime high temps were 1050 F.  The cyanobacteria were blooming prolifically.  These samples were stored in a refrigerator for approximately 6 months.  After that Dr. Terry Hoage, a professor of microbiology from Sam Houston State University opened the jars.  The odors from the jars on the right were overwhelming.  The jar on the left was RPG filtered water.  Dr. Hoage said that he could not detect any evidence of biological activity from the filtered sample.  This was another instance in which RPG Water Catalyst did the unexpected, by removing organic compounds, geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol, from the water.  RPG Water Catalyst does not use salt, chemicals, or sacrificial media to produce these results.  The high flow rates that RPG Water Catalyst is capable of makes possible the filtration of very large quantities of water while creating a very small footprint.  

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