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Bottled water on tap...
RPG Water Catalyst makes your water taste better than bottled water. RPG Water acts and feels softer than softened water, without salt or chemicals...and our media is permanent, no replenishment or replacement ever needed. (Service calls are rare to non-existent.)

  RPG Water Catalyst uses natural processes to produce a superior grade of structured water.  What does this mean?  
 RPG Water is a luxurious velvety smooth water that rehydrates your skin and satisfies your thirst.  
  RPG Water does not spot, stain or build up in showers or fixtures. 
  RPG Water Catalyst does not use salt, chemicals, phosphates, magnets or electronics. 
Water conditioned by the RPG Water Catalyst, from different sources over a large area of the USA have been compared to waters from around the world.  Among these waters are "anti-oxidant" water, "structured" water, healing waters, hydrating waters and mists, alkaline waters, and other "beneficial" waters.
We often hear of positive results from using RPG Water Catalyst Water that we have never heard about  from these other waters.
The RPG Water Catalyst is a WHOLE HOUSE water treatment system.  You can drink it, bathe in it, clean your house with it, water your lawn with it,fill your pool, wash your vehicles with it.... 
This shower head looked like a rock with a plastic handle sticking out of it, but RPG Water took the lime buildup away.



     the way nature intended...

I have been studying water since 1972. 

I have been interested in water for as long as I can remember.  I learned about filtration by studying filtration, I learned about water by studying water.  I learned when I was making progress by listening to my customers.  My goal is to make the best water possible, and I will put my filtration system up against any on the market.

Philip Alford

Water produced by RPG Water Catalyst has been compared to the healing water of Lourdes by leading water labs in Italy.
Call or text 254-485-5869

RPG Water Catalyst does not strip the necessary elements of calcium and magnesium from water the way reverse osmosis does, yet these elements do not create hard water scale with RPG Water.

180 day money back guarantee for domestic systems.

​Call us now 1-254-485-5869 ​to experience the difference RPG Water can make in your life.                                                                                                             

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